Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Preparations

Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Preparations

When we saw radiotherapy doctor, he described every process of radiotherapy and side effects from radiation. I asked about good teeth before radiation, the radiotherapy doctor referred my wife to a dental center at NUH.

My wife checked by a dentist there. Her teeth should be X-rays, and after the dentist seen the result, the dentist said many teeth should be removed. My wife was crying. Shock!

The dentist said every tooth cavities must be extracted. Because tooth can not be extracted after radiotherapy.

The dentist planning tomorrow morning my wife's teeth would be extracted. My wife stressed. That night I could not sleep. I prayed and I tried to email our doctors (ENT, chemo, and radiation). Dr Ivan Tham (radiotherapy specialist) proposed to get for 2nd opinion to other dentist.

The next day I was trying to register my wife to see a more senior dentist. But dental center said registration can not do in short time to see a senior dentist. Wow how to get 2nd opinion? Then we found out that the dental center’s system has not been integrated with other divisions in NUH. My wife's dental care schedule was messed with chemo’s schedule. Then dental center suggested seeing visiting dentist. So we tried to consult the visiting dentist.

We waited in the waiting room at dental center. After over two hours waiting the visiting dentist did not come. Whereas earlier informed we will not wait long. Since my wife was already weak I tried to complain to the nurse at the counter.

Nurse was trying to call the density. But the dentist can not be called. Its end we were referred to Prof Lim Asher, Prof Asher Lim was the head dentist there. Gee, thanks God. Yesterday we informed can not consult Prof. Asher Lim. He had a long list.

I told my wife's condition to Prof. Asher. I informed him about my wife's teeth were to be extracted very numerous. Then Prof Asher called the dentist whom we met yesterday. After a long discussion, Prof. Asher finally decided just four teeth need to be extracted. Thanks God. I believe it's God's help. My prayer was answered.

Finally four of my wife’s teeth were extracted. When my wife came out from the operating room, I saw my wife's mouth full with a lot of blood. I've been sad. I can not imagine if more teeth should be extracted too.

Website about the condition of the teeth prior to radiotherapy:

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