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Journey to Seek Doctor for My Wife

Journey to Seek Doctor for My Wife

After families and friends heard that my wife had cancer, many of them gave suggestions as to where to seek treatment. We got lots of information, which makes us confused. All intend to help. Thanks to all who care to us.

One of my wife's friends gave information that there is a seminar on cancer held by doctors from Singapore. I tried to call and the seminar from Parkway. We came to the seminar held at the hotel at   Asia Afrika Bandung .

The seminar explains about cancer in general and especially that affects many women. There was explained about treatments with chemo and radiation. Now there is a new radiation machine whose name TomoTherapy. This machine has a higher degree of precision.

After of the seminar, we were given the opportunity to meet with the doctors. They were very clearly explained the NPC that attack my wife. Treatment is primarily radiotherapy. After examining my wife physical condition, they estimate between stage 2 or 3. The doctor warned that to get radiation treatment, one of the most important requirements is a good tooth (dental healthy).

This dental problem then becomes concern and crucial problem during treatment in Singapore.

Both doctors recommend that examined MRI and pet-scan. But it should be done by hospital in Singapore. Than done in Indonesia continues to be repeated in Singapore. Wasting money.

We got the referral from Prof Helmi so my wife checked the CT-scan to ascertain what stage my wife at the time. I decided to get CT-scan first to make sure my wife was on what stage.
I tried to register to government insurance (BPJS) and seek hospital in Bandung which could CT-scan. I learned that a good hospital for a CT-scan is Borromeous Hospital and Sentosa Hospital.
I tried to Sentosa Hospital, but the hospital could not accept my BPJS because different regions and her CT scan tool is being repaired. Ouch

I tried to Borromeous Hospital. But the doctor was on a seminar. It could take up to 5 days after a CT scan to get the result. Because it was already Friday and the doctor on duty read CT scans are also being seminar. Ouch

After wondering, I recommended to Jakarta to for CT-scan for more sophisticated tools and quick also giving the result. Hospital name is MRCCC Siloam.

My friend suggested we try to go to Dr Eko Wahyu. Dr Eko practice in Yogya and has a lot to cure cancer patients. This doctor use curcumin to cure her patients. I tried to call to Yogya, it turns out that doctors also practice in Serpong once a month. Saturday's practice. Thank God! On the same day can see Dr Eko Wahyu and CT-scan also in MRCCC Siloam.

Finally Saturday we went to Jakarta and a CT-scan. Its results can be taken  tomorrow afternoon  said the hospital officials. Sunday morning we met Dr Eko Wahyu. After seeing the results of the biopsy, Dr Eko gave some kind of capsule for my wife drinks. According to Dr. Eko, cell carcinoma that its life spans of 4 months. Capsules from her to prevent the spread of the cancer cell and let the cell to die by itself. Because the doctor can not knew what stage was then she only gave partially given medicine, wait until outcome of the scan. Dr Eko is a good doctor and patient explaining about cancer. My wife was advised not to go near a smoker, banned food containing preservatives and MSG.

Later that afternoon we took a CT-scan. My wife has been advised that I should not read the results. Later on when we get in Bandung.
After up in Bandung we tried to read. We did not understand the results because many of medical terms that we did not understand.

My wife did not want to know what stage she at that time, just make depressed she said. The important thing is find her a good doctor, she want to be healed!

I then decided to take my wife to Singapore. I was looking for information to which hospital we must chose. At that time there are 2 options to NUH or SGH. Finally I choose NUH, because a doctor at SGH recommended by the agent was attending a seminar.

Only matters of choosing which hospital alone is stress. All I do alone. Frantic mind, it seems no one was helping. Very tired.

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