Sunday, September 21, 2014

Treatment In Singapore

Treatment In Singapore

We got a lot of help from the company where I work, friends, family, and church. Thank God its end we were ready to leave for Singapore. All our needs have been provided by God. Thanks to all who have helped us.

We went to Singapore on 15 September 2014. Consultation with ENT surgeon (Prof Thomas Loh). All the results of the biopsy and CT scan from Indonesia can not be used. Exactly what the doctor had said from Singapore during the seminar. My wife got biopsy, MRI and Pet-scan. All examinations were expensive.

The results have to wait a few days. My wife's condition was weak. Sometimes she wants to have a walk to the shopping mall. But after just a short walk, my wife felt weak and ask to go home. We prayed God give miracles. It turns out there was a process that we must fighting for my wife recovered. We can only pray and surrender. God will open the way.

After the results came out, doctor told her the cancer cells were suppressing some regions of the brain so that my wife's cheek feels sick. And the size of her cancer cells was large. Must do chemotherapy and radiotherapy

My wife then referred to an oncologist doctor (Prof Goh Boon Cher) and radiotherapy doctor (Dr. Ivan Tham). The treatment was chemotherapy every 3 weeks. After that radiotherapy 33 times combine with chemotherapy every week for 6 weeks. So roughly treatment and estimated takes 5 months. Feels heavy and long journey. Our youngest child was 2 year old. But what can we do, just follow the treatment, fighting and pray. 

It turned out that at NUH no radiotherapy machine that called TomoTherapy but they have Electra Infinity engine. Ouch confused again should I had to move to SGH? But the cost incurred in NUH has been so much anyway. 

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