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God Send Good People To Us

God Send Good People To Us

Praise The Lord. When we stay in Singapore we were accompanied by a pastor and his wife, and an evangelist. They really helped us and strengthened us. God help us by sending people who are nice to us.
Approaching radiotherapy time I was more worried.

One pastor in our church diagnosed with NPC just like my wife. He testified he was miserable when got radiotherapy. His mouth and throat was very pain. Before the meal he had to take morphine first. He could not sleep because of the pain.

I was afraid that my wife will experience it too. I was looking for radiotherapy information on the Internet and elsewhere, seeking how to overcome the effects of radiotherapy.

Thanks God finally shown the way. I saw a brochure NPC support group. It calls NPC OneHeart. I tried to text to them via whatsapp. Then I met with Dave. He led NPC One Heart. Dave is NPC survivor. I saw Dave is very healthy and his body like an athlete.

He is very kind. He explained to us that nowadays NPC is curable. He told us how he was treated first. He told us how to prevent the effects of radiotherapy too. Then he invited us to come to the NPC seminar. This Seminar was about the effects of hearing and swallowing difficulties due to the effects of radiotherapy.

Then I came to the seminar. I met the NPC survivors. They are very good and welcome. The most memorable when I met with Sylvia. She is an opera singer and got NPC. Sylvia is very healthy now. I was impressed and I wanted my wife to see her.

When I mentioned to her. Sylvia agreed and tomorrow morning she would come to the apartment where I was staying. Wow I can not believe she was willing to come.

Then I got information from one of the participants of the seminar that there is another NPC support group and it under SGH hospital.

I tried to contact the SGH support group. The leader is TC. He also a very good person. He was willing to come to our apartment to meet my wife. So tomorrow morning   I have two guests. 

The first to come was TC. 14 years ago he was diagnosed with NPC. Now he is doing service to help new people with NPC. He has already helped about 300 people. 

He asked about my wife’s clinical data. He explained how to minimize the effects of radiotherapy. His tips:

1. Drink cooling liquid such as Chrysanthemum, Korean pear juice, or barley as much as possible.
2. Take manuka honey 10+ 3 times a day
3. Rub aloe vera gel on the neck area so that the skin won’t get burn and tear.
4. Often gargle with salt water.

TC said my wife must do mouth and neck exercises every day. Due to the effects of radiation can cause trismus if not trained. Mouth can not be opened at all. Neck also can be stiff; it can not look left or right. So must do mouth and neck exercise every day!

1. Mouth Exercise: Open mouth as wide as you can. Do at least 10 times a day.
2. Neck Exercise: Look left and right and up and down several times.

Examples of exercises mouth and neck:

Then Sylvia came at the afternoon. She brought a cooling liquid in a jar. Her recipe: pear, white mushrooms, almonds boiled. This recipe is very good to avoid mouth and throat pain. She also told my wife to do mouth and neck exercises. I hope my wife's spirit grow strong after seeing Sylvia is so healthy and living with fullness.

They are all nice people. After suffering from cancer they help others in the same boat with them. Salute!

After meeting them we feel ready for my wife to get radiotherapy.

I believe it's God's help as well. We are able to meet them.

I tried to find manuka honey. Apparently a lot of brands.

I was googling then find manuka honey have its own certification. It called UMF certification and the company must be registered with the certification website.

This website about manuka honey and aloe vera:

TC wrote it. He is a good guy and a lot of help patient NPC. This is the forum belong to NPC support group from SGH hospital.

NPC support group website from NUH hospital:

I joined a lot of support group. Each support group has its own advantages. From them we can learn many things that are very useful.

Blog with a lot of important information about NPC:

A good book addresses head & neck cancer:

NPC support group in FB (Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Awareness):

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