Saturday, November 1, 2014



My wife finally took 1st chemotherapy after waiting 1 week for preparation.

For the first phase, my wife got 3x chemotherapy every three weeks, oncologist doctor arranged for chemotherapy held on Friday. So on Saturday morning we were able to fly to Bandung. 

My wife was asked to come early to got blood test first. Then go to the chemotherapy room.

Chemotherapy room consists of separate rooms. Each room has a LCD TV. My wife sat in a chair and then starts infusion.

The chemo drug is cisplatin. Due to the effects of cisplatin can damage the kidney, the kidney must be drained to be cleaned first. Early intravenous fluids were given two bottles then were given a drug that so my wife continue peeing. After it was given chemo drugs. Approximately the process between 6 to 7 hours.

Nurses were very careful here. When they gave you medication, they will ask for your name and birth date. The process of drug checks carried out by two nurses. They both check whether the medication to be given according to the paper guide.

Then came the pharmacy. He showed a video which explains the effects that may be experienced by my wife because chemo. Some people may experience diarrhea or constipation. Also can cause nausea and dizziness. If body heat above 38C then should immediately go to the ER because of fears of contact with a dangerous virus. My wife also got another chemo drugs to take to home, it calls TS-One. It an oral medicine must take everyday for 2 weeks every cycle.

Preparation undergoing chemo:
1. Bring a lunch.
2. Bring a coat and socks.
3. Bring a lot of movies hahaha.

Thank God my wife was undergoing chemo strongly. Sometimes she got cough or cold when we were in Bandung. Her hair not falls out to much. I often email to the doctor in Singapore. I asked what drugs should be given if she is get coughs or colds. But doctors rarely reply to my email.

My wife got fever once. Wow, I panicked. I was trying to find an oncologist specialist in Bandung. All of them on leave. I tried to take my wife to the GP. The doctor advised my wife taken to a hospital. I was afraid to bring my wife to the ER in Bandung. Many say doctors who take care in the ER in Indonesia was newly graduated doctors. We can only consultation with a specialist tomorrow morning. 

That evening we prayed together. Thanks God, he answered our prayers. At Midnight my wife body temperature was lowered. All night my wife was delirious. Towards morning her body heat was normal.

Doctors in Singapore provide numerous and costly anti-nausea. There is one kind of anti-nausea drug that makes my wife's blood sugar level so high. But if she did not take the medicine then my wife felt very nauseous.

To maintain body condition my wife drank coconut water and avocados almost every day. She ate organic vegetables and fruits. Red meat and sea food do not eat. During chemo my wife was still drinking white turmeric (curcumin). Prof Goh allows my wife to drink curcumin during chemo. And it turns out curcumin helps chemo drugs become more effective at killing cancer cells.

I'm afraid my wife had to get radiotherapy. I read the effects of radiotherapy on the head area cause many bad side effects. For example:

1. Loss of sense of taste.
2. Dry mouth, saliva so little.
3. Radiotherapy can cause cancer cells to mutate.

And many more.

We continue to pray for a miracle so that my wife did not have to get radiotherapy. 

Days continue to run. After the third chemotherapy, radiotherapy time approaching.  After my wife took last chemotherapy on first phase then I asked my wife got another MRI. 
The result is good. Cancer cells shrunk very much. But all the doctors still recommend continuing with radiotherapy. God wills us to travel a long journey to heal. But we are grateful for her chemotherapy so far gave a good result.

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